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We style our horse training depending on the individual needs and expectations of the customer. We talk with our clients about their personal goals for their horses and we make an honest evaluation of each animal to make sure that the expectations fit the physical ability, soundness and mental attitude of their horse.

Our Award Winning trainer, Angie LoCascio, has experience in many different disciplines and has trained and started many different types of horses over her 25+ years in the industry. Some of the type of horses she has trained include Quarter horses, Off the Track Thoroughbreds, Mustangs, Arabians, Warmbloods, Draft crosses and Fresians. She has also trained many gaited horses from Saddlebreds, Foxtrotters, Rock Mountain Horses, Tennessee Walkers and Peruvian Paso’s for trail and Endurance. To her each horse has individual characteristics and was bred for specific purposes and she trains the horses in a way to strengthen their natural abilities and also to stay true to their breeding and conformation. No two horses are the same therefore having a flexible training style is critical to our program.

Angie has successfully trained horses for World Level competition in English and Western Disciplines. Including Western Pleasure, Trail Obstacle, Ranch Riding, Showmanship in Hand, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunters Over Fences, Lower Level English and Western Dressage. She starts colts for a variety of different disciplines, including for recreational purposes. She currently starts horses for a prestigious Hunter Jumper Breeder and Amateur Owner who goes on to sell them up to the Grand Prix Level.

The one constant in our program that we imprint into all the horses we work with is excellent ground manners, respect for the handler, bomb proofing, standing while mounting, negotiating obstacles such as bridges, gates and logs, collection, responsive seat and leg cues and lightness in the bridle. From there we build on your specific needs. Whether its a dependable trail horse you can trust, a handy, adjustable jumper, or the show horse of your dreams. We can make it happen!

All horses recieve 24hr care, feed 3 times per day, daily turnouts and training 5-6 days per week. All lessons are included with training and are free of charge.


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