Use a straight stitch to sew the edges and remove the pins. We’ve designed a coordinated set of shams and cases, both of which are sized to fit standard bed pillows (20” x 26”). Thanks for sharing. Everything that applies to the Queen size bed sheets applies to the king size as well. Using a 1/4 seam allowance, sew around the side and bottom. Once the ends of the elastic show through the other end, pin and sew to the casing. This method is easy enough, but it does require you to trust me that it’ll work out. Another good reason is that cotton is very breathable. Confused? Hence the name of this pillowcase-making style. Here are the important steps to follow when attempting this task: As you know, the twin size bed is basically the smallest traditional bed there is. A good internet search should get you even more options. That is because it has to have the elastic included in its construction. Claudia Mitchell (author) on January 26, 2013: I … Sewing a bed sheet corner is only tough when it comes to sewing the fitted sheet. Ouch! Sewing a pillowcase is the perfect project for beginners or experienced sewers. Once that last step is completed, you are done and the sheet is ready for use. The good aspect of sewing your own flat bed sheets is that you have less work to do than trying to sew a fitted sheet together. Go ahead and turn the pillowcase right sides out. Old pillowcase or man’s hanky (for bed pillows) Polyester fiberfill stuffing Ball headed sewing pin Matching thread Ribbon for trim (optional) General Hints: Fabric – I used men’s hankies (solid, no embroidery) or old cut up sheet or pillowcase for the bed pillows. Make your own sheets on the cheap Find practical tips for acquiring flannel and other fabrics in this article from Daily Finance. Use the rotary cutter to cut fabric to 36" x … This shows the place where the trim switches from pom-pom to lace, although you can’t tell because the connection is precisely on the fold. Design your own picnic or dinner table napkins. For the fitted sheet, you are only looking at making it 82 inches long by 62 inches wide. One of the keys to doing a fitted sheet corner is making sure you got the casing just right. The flat sheet needs extra material in order for you to tuck it in and make the bed look nice. Whatever width you choose, though, be sure to stay consistent all the way down your now-loaded burrito. Prepare the fabric. Gently pull the inside (3/4 piece) burrito out of the outer layer. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have an aversion to bed-in-a-bag sets. Once you get the elastic strip to the other end., you just need to pin it to where it needs to go and then apply the proper stitch from your sewing machine. Looks kind of like a burrito, doesn’t it? Sew all the way across the top and both sides. Never be short as it is difficult to make up the difference. The instructions to make your fitted crib sheet are very simple to follow. This tutorial will show you two ways to simply sew a pillowcase: one with a single piece of fabric, and the second with a (contrasting, optionally) cuff. We hope you enjoy being able to create your own pillowcases and bedding mix-and-match options. Pin trim piece long raw edge along top long raw edge of … I’d probably recommend it for long-term enjoyment of your pillowcase. Mostly I did it because I was feeling guilty about not zig-zagging in the first place. Here’s what the cuff looks like from the outside. Plus, the selvedge edges won’t fray, so that’s an added bonus. The money you save by making your sheets can help you purchase a quality fabric that will last you a very long time without fading, etc. But it probably takes the same amount of work as it does to make a king sizes bed sheet. You should plan on a 1/4″ or 1/2″ seam, whichever is most comfortable for you. Turn your machine at the bottom corner, then sew across the now-bottom of your pillowcase. The first step is to pin your fabric lengths together and get close to the size you want. I actually like the versatility that two trim options offers. They are cute, fun to customize, useful and make perfect gifts! Place a pin at each side, to mark the 8 inch measurement. The process is simple, but involves a great deal of fabric and repetitive sewing. Sewing a bedsheet together is a very straight forward project that doe snot take a lot of creativity to do. You save money and you get the design and feel of these sheets that you want. Now you’re going to turn your burrito inside-out. You’ll leave the top open so you can slide your pillow in. Next, let’s make the “Tri-Color Cuff” pillow case: (this is also known as the “burrito” method) This is … Just fold the fabric over to where it looks like a pillow case, all sides lined up and touching, and pin around the top and side. The square has to be one inch longer than the mattress depth. I’ll show you how to make a pillow case that’s easy and cute, and if you use this fun Color Me fabric from Michael Miller you can color it too! I will also like to learn how to make fitted bed sheets. The first step is to figure out how much fabric you need. Sewing a pillowcase is super easy (even for beginners!) So be careful when working on King size sheets. While you’re here, sew a zig-zag seam along the raw edges of your pillowcase to eliminate fraying. You can read more about how to sew your own duvet cover, how to sew a bolster pillow, and ideas for how to make a bed. Start sewing at 1 corner of the pillow and sew a straight stitch along the side. Sew the casing leaving the ends open for the elastic. She thrives on finding inexpensive ways to DIY her own home into a stylish yet family-friendly space. This is a very simplified process but if you want more details on how to sew bed sheets for you and your family, just continue to read our article. After pinning, use a straight stitch to sew the fabric together, making sure you leave a 1-inch seam allowance. Match the trim and seam and pin. You can make a pillow bed by sewing 4 or 5 pillowcases together, and then sewing velcro at the end of each pillowcase to keep the pillow inside. Roll up the main fabric like a burrito and place it into the fold of the cuff fabric. The creativity comes in the material and design selection you do before you start sewing. Welcome ! Then iron down the folded part and pin it, to keep it in place. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2008-2021 - All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy and Disclosure Update Privacy Settings. This task is probably going to be the easiest of all fitted sheet sewing tasks. How to Remove Waistband From Jeans Easily (Pants and Hoodie), What Can You Use Instead of Sewing Machine Oil – Substitute, Petite Dress Form: Finding an Adjustable Size 0 Dress Form. However, to keep this project as cheap and easy as possible, I ditched the pillowcases and velcro and used one flat sheet instead. 1/2 inch wide elastic- this is when you are sewing fitted sheets. Fabric- the selection is up to your preference and hypoallergenic needs. The thickness of the elastic is your main concern. You may choose to zig-zag stitch the very edge of Side C to avoid fraying at this point. After you have finished sewing around the 3 sides of the pillowcase, make a line of stitches in the middle of the seam allowance of the envelope flap. We’re going to identify the three non-folded edges here as Sides A, B, and C. Beginning at the folded corner on Side A, stitch a 1/2” seam toward the selvedge corner of Side A. Now fold the edges at least 1/2 inch covering all the raw edges and pin. Sew your pinned line with a straight stitch. You’ll start to see your trim piece emerge. After those two top fabrics, you have both polyester and bamboo. This is actually a perfect method for kids’ pillowcases especially, with the opportunity for contrast fabric. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home! You may not have the budget to get yourself a nice set of flat or fitted bed sheets. For the queen size bed in your home, there is a larger difference between the two sheet sizes. The next step is to mark out a 20-inch section around each box, with 10 equal inches, then pin … The rolled up end of the main fabric should be inside the cuff. The dimensions for a flat twin bed sheet is 98 inches long by 68 inches wide. With a 1/4 inch hem pin the box first and sew using a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch to get the sewing completed. The embroidery makes an ordinary white pleated cotton look like a show piece! Making your own pillowcases is a wonderful way to mix patterns and colors on your bedding without using bed-in-a-bag. The best fabric to use when making your bed sheets would be cotton. Bed sheets are an expensive investment. Another place to look is called the Fabric Store and you can connect to their patterns at this link. Remove your pins/clips, line up all edges and re-pin together. Fold about 5” over from Side C. Make sure it’s an even 5” all the way around. These stitches will make sure that the seam allowance that you have just iron stays in place in between the seam allowance. Next, lay your trim piece aligned with the top two edges of the 1/4 and 3/4 pieces. Putting wrong sides together, fold the fabric to form the shape of your pillowcase. Pin in place if you’re more comfortable with that. I use a general footer to sew … You should have, from bottom to top, the following edges included in your pinning: 1/4 top edge right side up, 3/4 top edge right side up, trim edge raw side out (toward raw edges), and 1/4 bottom edge right side down. There are a lot of places you can look to get sewing patterns for bed sheets. Lay out your 1/4 yard piece, unfolded, and right side facing up. Sing away, heart. The king-size sheets are usually wider than they are long. This is by far the easiest and most straightforward method of sewing a pillowcase. Fold fabric, iron, pin, and sew. How To Shrink Polyamide Clothing. You may add one or more items if the need arises.